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The Middle East Library had been established since 1980 under the name (The Middle East Library for Economic Services "MELES") to operate as a publishing house specialized mainly in making translated publications of the Egyptian economic laws. Toward achieving this purpose, we issue a periodic bulletin in English, namely MELES Bulletin, which is subscribed to by most of the foreign embassies in Egypt, accounting offices, legal consultancy firms, banks, investment companies in Egypt and abroad, and some governmental bodies.

In addition to the foregoing, we provide the translation service regarding all the legal documents received from the aforesaid entities as well as from individuals, including the memorandums & articles of association, balance sheets, tax returns, contracts, personal documents and others.

Hereunder are examples from our huge list of clients:


British Embassy Cairo (Commercial Section)

American Embassy (Trade Section)

American Embassy (Economic section)

Italian Embassy

Germany Embassy

Japan Embassy

Swiss Embassy

Holland Embassy

India Embassy

Austria Embassy

Poland Embassy

Spain Embassy

Korea Embassy

Turkey Embassy

Indonesia Embassy

Sweden Embassy





CIB Bank

QNB Bank

Blom Bank Egypt

Crédit Agricole Egypt

Al Mashreq Bank Egypt

Barclays Bank

Egyptian Gulf Bank

Audi Bank



Governmental Bodies/ Private Companies:

World Bank

European Union

German chamber of commerce

Italian Chamber of commerce

American Chamber of commerce

JETRO  (Japan External Trade Organization)

JICA (Japan Int. Coop. Agency)


Exxonmobil Egypt

Turkish businessmen Association

British Petroleum

Mercedes Benz

Philip Morris

Nestle Egypt

Panasonic Egypt

General Motors




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